Family holidays

This summer has been a bit of a roller coaster time, I am leaving work to start my theology training for ordination in September, so have been on count down at work, and then enjoying some time with the family, before gearing up for the next challenge. Summer holidays are always a mix of things […]

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What time is it?

Here’s the substance of the closing talk I gave at New Wine’s ‘Inspire’ conference a few days ago. Inspire was a great event in the North, for the North and it was a privile… Source: What time is it?

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Unfinished Sympathy

This time of year I find it hard to stay positive sometimes. It’s like the summer is all around me and there are so many exciting things going on, that even if I were to experience all of them, I’d somehow be missing out on a unique experience somewhere else. I’m leaving work this week […]

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