Being together….

So this is the international week of Christian unity celebrates what we have in common as a community of believers. The international community focus on this issue, because it was a command from Jesus that “they may be one so that the world may believe” (see John 17.21) For more information and resources, go to […]

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my life is just more effective, less anxious, and less self-obsessed when I actually stop, listen to scripture, pray and hang out with someone who loves me dearly, aka God.

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A Soul food recipe for slimmers

  Soul Food Recipe: Do something positive: I’ve recently joined a slimming club and have been doing ok, it’s helping me feel in control of things again. Some weeks I can’t stay to the class, but other weeks I make time. It’s led to me making time for my own needs in other ways, like […]

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We can sometimes miss God’s love if we are too focused on being perfect, having everything ready, and being faultless, because lets face it, that’s impossible to achieve however hard we try!

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