Family holidays

This summer has been a bit of a roller coaster time, I am leaving work to start my theology training for ordination in September, so have been on count down at work, and then enjoying some time with the family, before gearing up for the next challenge. Summer holidays are always a mix of things […]

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Happy Sibling Day!

I read today that this is national sibling day in the US! I don’t know if it’s official yet, but someone who like me, lost a sib in her early life, has come up with the idea, and I think it’s a good one. I like to think, that because I lost my sister when […]

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Mothering Sunday

We had a fantastic day on Sunday, well I say we, I mean I did. I was given flowers at church, cards made a Beavers, school and nursery, and a bar of chocolate to boot. The service was awesome at church, the children led the worship, and I went to my mums afterwards, who made […]

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Unity in Lent

This lent I’ve signed up to 40 acts through Today its about diversity and how the churches could work more towards unity across faiths, different colours, creeds. Today’s challenge is about diversity. Last Saturday I attended a teaching session on the Psalms, written thousands of years ago, before Christ arrived,  and the following one […]

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Sibling Rivalry

Hi, I’ve been working hard recently to try and improve my parenting as our son has a tendency to do big tantrums and get very upset, and I don’t always handle it as well as I could. In the process I have noticed that if I make a special effort to …

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