Mother Christmas

My mum is a very popular preacher, approaching retirement through personal circumstances, and this christmas may be her last one at the local church to our family home. It feels a bit sad and nostalgic, but I think she is also optimistic about the next stage of life.

When I was a teenager I was mortally embarrassed most of the time by my parents, not least my mum’s preaching, however looking back now, I can’t get over how brave she was to challenge all the stereotypes within the church of england, and become one of the first female vicars to be ordained. I know her father who was still alive at the time was immensely proud.

My mum and I have had many conversations about parenting, as one does, however I am always amazed by her tenacity,and drive to find the best solution for us kids, and this is now extended to her grandchildren! We have certainly given her lots to worry about over the years. Watching my daughter’s determination to learn to crawl and try to walk, she reminds me alot of my mum!

I do not know if God is a woman, however my experience of God is not dissimilar to my own mother, in that he often carries on supporting us, when most people would have given up.

Sometimes however it doesn’t seem like he is doing much. Why are there famines, wars, murders, cancer and illness? Why can’t he stop this happening? Well, maybe because he lets us get on with looking after our planet?

He is certainly not adverse to a bit of risk taking..He gave his son, the saviour of the world, to a teenage virgin, and a carpenter who had no experience of parenting, did not even live together, and were about to be exiled from their family and home-land! Social services would have deemed this a risky placement! 

It is his trust in us that is so amazing, as he sees what we can be, as well as what we are now, and wants us to come to him through his love and our own curiosity rather than by appointment.

Happy Christmas!

P.S Have attached mum’s sermon for any followers!


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