Losing my voice

It’s been a long week, and I am about to crash on the sofa and watch Strictly, with a gin and tonic! I have done a new training course, had an interview, and last weekend had a big party for my 40th. It’s now 2 days until the end of my 30’s and I am feeling great I have to say, despite the punishing schedule that has been this week!

I saw a good friend last night who says she reads my blogs regularly and it encouraged me to do this tonight. I was asked to speak at church last sunday but really did lose my voice for 3 days after the party and didn’t feel I could stand up at the front, with a hangover, cold and no voice.

For a lot of people, losing their voice is part of their life in a different way, sometimes its to do with not being able to say out loud, something that is really important to you, like “I love you” or “I’m gay” or “I am leaving you” or “I don’t love you anymore”. Sometimes it’s just that they belong to a group in society who’s voice isn’t given much priority. There was some research done which was published this week, which showed the only time women had their photos on the front pages of the newspapers was if they had been abducted as a child (Madeline McCann) or married a prince (Kate Middleton). The rest of the 50% of the population are so busy keeping things afloat, that they don’t have time to stand as mayor, or climb Everest, or jump out of a parachute from x thousand feet!

Does this matter though? Should we care if women are on the front page of the Daily Mail or not? Surely there are more important things to think about? I guess that is true, but in fighting for equality we do this not just for ourselves but for our children, and our husbands and the other men in our lives. It’s not just about women.

Hilary Devey, (Think that’s how you spell her name) did a TV programme recently about “women on top” which showed basically that if you have a team with 50% gender split in a management setting, you are more likely to have a productive workforce. Get a group of women together and they are likely to talk over each other, and bicker and fight. Get a group of men together and they will acquiesce to the “Alpha” male, whether this is right or wrong. Get a group of men and women together and the “right” thing will get done. So by sitting on our hands and letting the men get on with things, we actually do more harm than good.

I have had a tough time at work since having my children, as my voice hasn’t necessarily fitted in, with the dominant culture. My male work colleagues are trying to catch the cricket score and have a conversation about it when we get a few minutes downtime. I am interested more in the children and shopping, Strictly and socialising! I don’t get chance to go to the toddler groups where all of this is more normal parlance.

I hope to be asked to preach again, as it would be a real honour, but if it doesn’t happen then I am really chuffed that people read my blogs, and feel really blessed to be in a position where my voice is heard, not just here about my faith and my life, but at work as a manager  and at home with my lovely husband and kids. I know this is not the case for alot of people, regardless of their gender, spiritual persuasion, or skin colour. 

Just remember folks, that God really loves it when we share our blessings and praises with each other, as well as the difficulties and problems. He loves it when we have a voice, and is an empowering and supportive God, not a judgemental and disciplinarian one. If you can share your views and questions with another Christian or someone important in your life, then please do so, as an unanswered question is an opportunity for spiritual growth…

Isaiah 24:14 They lift up their voices, they sing for joy; over the majesty of the Lord they shout from the west


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