There is great excitement in our house as it’s the 1st December tomorrow and the advent calendar is coming out. I have to say I remember this being one of the best bits of being a kid, even though we never had a chocolate one! We are not planning a big extravaganza this year but looking forward to having mum and dad to stay and being in our own home for the first time ever on Christmas Day.

Advent is supposed to be about getting ready and preparing for the big day, but in spiritual terms it’s more about preparing for the birth of Jesus and fresh starts in God’s love, than dealing with never-ending “to-do” lists and trailing round the shops! I told our son it was Jesus’ birthday at Christmas and he thought I’d lost my marbles!

Last weekend I went away with the ladies from our church to a sort of retreat in Wensleydale, which involved alot of prayer and talking, and the odd glass of wine!

The leader showed this video which really made me think..

(I hope you can work out how to get to this link!)





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