These Words

I’ve recently been lucky enough to participate in a coaching programme called “springboard”. It’s a programme for women and has been really great to be part of. Lots of us on it from different walks of life, all trying to keep our heads above water, and learning from each other about different things we find challenging. It’s helped me make some more time for myself and challenge areas of my life where I was not happy. 

One of the most powerful exercise for me was where we had to write what we would say to someone at the end of the course if we’d achieved our goals. We then had to speak this to someone else in the group, and say out loud what we wanted to achieve. Mine was about writing and other things, and the lady I spoke to wanted to be able to play the guitar. Which seemed like a really obvious thing for her to be doing to me, but clearly a big deal for her!  It was really odd to then hear someone else describing me in the way I wanted to be seen at the end of the course.

The thing that stuck with me is that the way we talk about ourselves really matters. We speak ourselves into the world as well as through our actions. This was one of the key areas for me at work to improve, and I am trying to think more clearly about how I come across. It’s also important in other parts of my life, that I tell people the truth about myself and don’t hide under false modesty, or constantly put myself and my family down, when discussing things with other people.

In another training course I learnt recently about “Appreciative Inquiry” where instead of pulling an idea to pieces and then trying to problem-solve it back together, you look at what works well and try and see what more can be done to increase the positive aspect of a situation. It was really the best day at work I’d had in years. It’s like with little kids you have to emphasise what they’ve done right and give praise not just correct mistakes.

In spiritual terms, the power of the word is pretty clear in the Bible too… John 1 v1 

“In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

So here goes .. “I am happily married, with two lovely kids and lots of lovely friends and family.  I love God and enjoy writing, singing, music, reading, and a few glasses of wine with old friends when I get chance. I work in social care and enjoy making a difference to my community! If I won the lottery I would travel around the world to see friends and family and experience new cultures. “

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