Mummy you are a sister?

I had a lovely conversation with our oldest this morning, as we went into the hidden identity of grown-ups. It is possible for a grown-up to have formerly been a child, to be a brother or sister as well as a mummy or daddy and even for granny and grandpa to also be brothers and sisters. This was a revelation for him!

In a couple of weeks at Inspire we are looking at our identities as carers, mums, christians, women and how this all gels together. I don’t think being a christian should induce tons of guilt and shouldn’t mean children are missing out on anything the world has to offer, but somethings are perhaps best left out being a christian is about being closer to God, the more stuff in the way, the harder it seems to know left from right. For family life that’s probably true too. The highlight of Christmas for our kids was staying up for dinner with the adults, not the toys or presents they were given! 

Next week my older sister would have been 43, and for the first time we have acknowledged this as a family, which feels like progress. Writing this blog has been a real help in that process. Apologies to anyone who has found it painful reading. 

Looking forwards, my younger sister and I are planning an adventure together this year, and my brother is back on form, after a period of ill-health last year, we’ve started plans to develop Young at Heart, a church led outreach project for older people, by teaming up with One Voice York, so I am hoping to have news to report on this later in 2014.  My lovely husband is going in for an operation on his thumb next week, so any prayers are very welcome for him. 

Thanks again, for reading this, your kind words and support have really encouraged me to keep writing this, if anyone is in York, the next Inspire meeting is Tuesday 21st, 7.30 pm all very welcome.

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