Stuck in a moment with U2

Mental health jukebox

First: a disclaimer. I am not a huge U2 fan. I quite like them; they’ve certainly made some great songs. For some indie fans, ‘Bono’ is now shorthand for ‘pompous-naff-rock-idiot’. Granted, I am always suspicious of anyone who regularly wears sunglasses indoors – seriously, what is that about? How do you get around without walking into things? Maybe he has dyslexia, and that’s what the coloured specs are for. Having never met the man, I have no idea if Bono is as ridiculous as the media like to portray him, or if he is in fact humility and decency personified.

I do know that I like this song for this great line: “You are such a fool/To worry like you do” for two main reasons: I once made my mum laugh by singing along to this, with some gusto, on a car journey. So…

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