3 Peaks

My sister, brother-in-law and me just completed the three Yorkshire Peaks walk in one day. This involved allot of planning, preparation, training and support from my husband and parents with babysitting over the last 6 months. It’s really helped me get back into shape and focus on something positive and challenging. 

I know now that I am capable of much more than I thought possible, as prior to setting off in the car for the Dales I was praying that I wouldn’t end up in hospital, not that I would complete the walk! Actually my body coped really well, and I found it all a positive experience.  I know others see more in me than I see myself, and it’s taught me not to trust my own fears all the time, and to have more faith in God to protect me.

The main reason I managed to complete the challenge, was our guide. He referred to himself as a ML which I think meant Mountain leader, but for the best part of the morning we saw him as our malevolent leader, as it just seemed cruel that he wouldn’t let us rest or enjoy the view from the top of the mountains, and just kept insisting we continued on without a break. Mutiny almost broke out before we were allowed to stop and eat our sandwiches around 2pm! I was often at the back of the group and that meant by the time I caught up with the others they were ready to set off! 

Our guide made sure we all completed the task together as a group, as he wasn’t going to be doing the walk again, and was resigning from leading the 3 peaks challenge and he wanted to bring us all back to the finish line together, within the 12 hour deadline.

The hardest part of the walk was coming down from the final mountain, as it was rough shale on a steep incline and some of the group were really keen to race back to the finish line. As me and my sister hobbled down, I was thinking about this gospel song that I used to sing with the York Gospel Choir “Order my steps”.. basically I was praying to God to help me put one foot in front of the other, and to guide me down the hill. I was so tired, my feet were killing me, knees ached, I was a bit delirius with the rhythm of the walking and the heat, that I didn’t feel able to go on really, but knew I had no choice.

I got back to the office this week and swapped notes with a colleague who had done the same walk with another group. She’s incredibly fit and I didn’t think she’d have any problems, however she’d taken a fall on the last climb down, as they had tried to go too fast, and had grazed her hands and knees and was really shaken up by it. Our Malevolent Leader kept telling us that the final descent is often when people have accidents, as they are rushing, tired and not maybe taking the challenge as seriously as they did at the beginning.

I do not want to do the 3 Peaks walk again anytime soon but found it a really amazing experience all the same! I am learning now that God is with us as our guide even when things are incredibly tough. We may not like what he has to say, or appreciate his company, timing, style (its annoying when people cheer you on, when you can’t even catch your breath!), or even want to do what he says, but if we do listen, and take the advice he has to give, he can help! 


Order my steps in Your Word

Order my tongue in Your Word

Guide my feet in Your Word

Wash my heart in Your Word

Show me how to walk in Your Word

Show me how to talk in Your word

When I need a brand new song to sing

Show me how to let Your praises ring

In Your word in Your Word

Please order my steps in Your Word

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