Bye, bye June

I love June, it’s such a lovely time of year, with the long evenings, and flowers blooming. It’s the month I got married, and some of my favourite people have birthdays this time of year. When I was at school it was when we’d normally finished exams and hadn’t got the results, and when we had end of term parties at uni.

I think June is sometimes the best bit of the summer. A bit like getting ready to go out can be more fun than the actual party, sometimes July and August can feel a bit flat after the frenetic race to the end of school term, and the pressure to have an amazing big holiday. Especially if you are working or staying home and normal activities are not around to enjoy.

I hope July is as balmy and beautiful this year as June has been, and looking forward to all sorts of adventures this summer with the family. Like everyone else the prospect of lots of time together is both brilliant and daunting, but I know we are storing up memories for the kids, and for ourselves, for the future, and making the most of the time we have with friends and family and as foursome. I’m trying to learn to curb my inner critic, and enjoy my life more, and to not put too much pressure on myself and my nearest and dearest. In my little bubble, it’s hard to accept my own limitations and those of the people around me, and to acknowledge the gifts we all have rather than thinking about what’s missing. It really helps knowing there are lots of people that love me and care about me when I’m feeling down, and I know that God’s hand is always on me, guiding me, through my life, even when I’m too wrapped up in myself to notice or care, or maybe say thankyou!

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