summer in the country

so we’ve moved and it’s lovely here, lots of flat countryside, dotted with power stations and windmills, and villages full of life. In our garden we’ve seen lots of wildlife, including a Barn owl, and I’m being attacked by midges. We’ve hidden indoors when it’s been too hot. Crazy weather in North Yorkshire right now. I’m enjoying the change of pace which is no less busy, but alot more driving. I’ve met loads of lovely, friendly people and trying to remember everyone at the moment. The house is massive and we are gradually finding our way to making it home. I’m now the Reverend Becky and it’s weird to be honest but it’s only week 2!

The photo above is taken from another blog  so do check out

Really appreciating the people who are praying for me right now as it’s all such a massive change, and missing our old home and friends as well as enjoying the new place. Today we cycled home along this road, which was gorgeous.  The kids are settling in well at school and my husband has a contract for another year in his job, which is great timing. We are being made especially welcome. This is just a quick update, to say please keep praying for us, it’s really helping! You are all fantastic people. I will write more soon.

2 thoughts on “summer in the country

  1. Hi Becky, looks amazing, and so pleased for you. You’re almost my brothers curate……. sending much love to you all. Nathan x

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