A Soul food recipe for slimmers

Ok last one... but for real. Soul food is delicious.


Soul Food Recipe:

Do something positive:

I’ve recently joined a slimming club and have been doing ok, it’s helping me feel in control of things again. Some weeks I can’t stay to the class, but other weeks I make time. It’s led to me making time for my own needs in other ways, like committing to an exercise class or trying a new recipe. One small change can help in multiple ways.

Acknowledge the behaviour itself , that meant you needed to make a change

You could have a dramatic wake-up call or a slow realisation your jeans don’t fit, but whatever happens to start the process you have to be honest with yourself. Week after week I sit in the group polishing my halo, and wondering why on earth haven’t I lost loads of weight this week? Only to realise things hadn’t been as ideal as I had remembered! I have a tendency to remember the saintly bits and forget the less desirable bits.. like raiding the kids sweets!

The best way to never acknowledge what you are actually doing, is of course …. to blame other people for your actions. So my husband took me out for dinner, my church organised a bake-sale, it was the christmas office party.. etc.. and never acknowledge my part in that.

If we want to make a change this doesn’t work because, whatever the reason it doesn’t change the outcome! Even understanding psychology or your own traumatic childhood, doesn’t stop you bingeing on food, or drinking 10 shots of tequila, or sleeping all weekend. It’s only your own motivation and standards that drive you to get up and moving, to eat healthy foods or take more exercise. I think the main change I’ve made, which I can easily slip back into, is sort of grazing and snacking on whatever is around me without even noticing. Picking or nibbling on bits and pieces rather than waiting for mealtime or ‘wine o’clock’!


Prayer: So my advice is to say at last once a week, the following prayer known off by heart by members of Alcoholics Anonymous…

‘O God and Heavenly  Father,  Grant to us the serenity of mind to accept that which cannot be changed; courage to change that which can be changed, and wisdom to know the one from the other through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen. ‘

Forgiveness: Add a huge dollop of forgiveness and be kind to yourself for whatever has happened, because you need to love yourself before you can go out and love anyone else and ask for God to walk with you this week.

Be Grateful: savour your food, sip your wine, relish your sleep and enjoy

Be Great… it’s not really about you anyway, it’s about how you can serve the world around you. Your health and beauty isn’t the ultimate endpoint, so don’t be eye candy, be soulfood yourself!

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