Harvest Time

Our local Morrisons has had a revamp and I was surprised to see dry-ice (or what looked like it) coming out from behind the vegetables when you walk in, but overall the store seems to be alot better. We go there for our lunch once in a while as they do good kids meals and fry-ups.

It’s harvest time though, and the veg in Morrisons are not necessarily just from local allotments, probabaly alot have been shipped in from Africa, and will end up in some kind of land-fill but we managed to pick some apples from the garden and go hunting for blackberries so it felt more seasonal than normal.

I am thinking about this as I have been asked to speak about harvest to Coffee and Co, the weekly coffee morning at church, and it seems such an alien concept when I don’t go near any fruit and veg growers.

However, this week I am being taken out to lunch for a rare jolly from our team which since the Conservatives got in, has practically been outlawed as the council has banned even any tea/coffee being provided for meetings in a bid to reduce costs. I am also preparing a bid for our annual winter warmth initiative and trying to work out how much we can give to organisations like the Trussell Trust to distribute food parcels to those families, homeless, asylum seekers who are going without sufficient food to survive. This is of course particularly an issue in the winter.


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