This last couple of months I’ve been away from home more than normal, and mainly travelled by train. I really enjoy staring out of a train window watching the world go by, and letting my mind unwind from a busy week. It’s kind of mindfulness for beginners! I definitely think of alone time when I can mooch as a real luxury now, and relish it when it happens. This is partly due to just being tired and needing some me time, but it’s also nice sometimes to miss people you love, or to just have time to reflect on how things are going.

Recently life has felt like I’m on an epic computer game challenge, trying to conquer challenges at each level to make it to the next one. It’s too easy though to get sucked into more and more challenges, more and more levels and not actually notice how far you’ve come, enjoy the view or even stop to rest.

My only real computer game I do is Candycrush which I think makes me one of hundreds of millions of people probably. I use it sometimes to help me sit down and switch off or just pass the time.

There is a moment, when you complete a level when someone says “Candycrush” and all the little candies go pop. Those moments are definitely worth enjoying, not skipping over to get to the next level. So these are a few of my candycrush moments…

having a few pints in a beer garden on a sunny day; my boss saying well done; someone paying me a compliment; being in a coffee shop with a friend on a cold day; having a group hug in bed with the kids and hubby on a Sunday morning; singing a favourite worship song at church; praying with crazy charismatic friends; seeing friends at the school gate; cycling past a traffic jam on my way to work; a nice stretch in pilates; getting a good deal (so moneysupermarket); getting people together for parties; chatting to my mum and dad; boogying to cheesy music and of course seeing my kids grow and change.

The major events in life can sometimes feel like New Year’s Eve, sort of so hyped you wonder if you are enjoying them enough! I think that’s why first time parents always feel so anxious. Recently finding out I’ve been recommended for ordination was like that at first, then it’s started to sink in, and while I will celebrate in many of the ways mentioned above, the best thing is I feel like I’m free to be me.Not just the me that I imagine for myself, but the me that God has created, the way he sees me is always way better than my interpretation!

here’s a nice cheesy worship song to celebrate …


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