To remain or not to remain that is the question

The UK is supposed to be gripped in referendum fever, however even the BBC are struggling to find a new angle on the story, as there is so little concrete information on what would happen if we left the EU and actually what will happen if we remain in it. Even economists themselves admit it’s pretty much guess work. I understand it’s an unwieldy political structure that is a nightmare in many ways. I’m just convinced I don’t want the protagonists of the Leave campaign representing me, in any forum, at any time, so it seems too risky to vote Leave.

Plus I read the other day it costs me £150 to be part of the EU every year, which is essentially one hospital trip if anyone gets sick on holiday, or a couple of visas to enter mainland Europe, probably more if I ever wanted to move oversees. Aside from all that, it just doesn’t seem fair that we are penny pinching about the EU;we give more than most, because we are better off.

I know we don’t feel better off, but I know unemployment for young people is far higher in Spain for our family there than here. Also I really want us to be part of negotiations about refugees from Syria, international crime, people trafficking, tackling paedophile rings, not sitting apart and feeling smug but not being kept in the loop about what’s actually happening.

As Christians we are asked to love our neighbours, not just the ones we like, (Spanish/Greek/Irish) or have an alliance with from the World War II days, (French, Italians) but everyone! Even including the Germans, Russians, Croats, Serbs.. I could go on!

Think this picture sums it up for me, apologies to any Tories I am friends with..

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