“The fruit of the spirit is PATIENCE”

Rev Peter Dodson explores the theology and practice of Christian patience- a regular columnist in the Ripon Gazette http://www.ripongazette.co.uk/news/opinion/the-holy-living-column-with-rev-peter-dodson-1-8478337 A long time ago I discovered, through the spiritual and poetic genius of the Holy Bible, that God is represented as saying to his people and, therefore, to me, “I am patient with you” (Jeremiah 3.14 GNB). […]

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The presence of God, like that of my family and friends is often something I sense but can’t quite describe why it’s important or helpful. When I get chance to really acknowledge it, and praise him for his love, it becomes more of a conversation to treasure and remember.

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I know friends who hate how their lives don’t measure up to the Facebook status of someone they went to school with, their ex-colleague who has won an award, their mum’s fantastic holiday

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